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andre January 17, 2000 13:29

Importing ASCII data in Gambit
Hi there,

I have a lot of data (X Y Z) in an ASCII form describing a 3D geometry. I would like to know how to visualize this geometry in Gambit without typing all this stuff (Is there any ASCII file whose Gambit can read ?)



Shyam Kishor January 18, 2000 17:36

Re: Importing ASCII data in Gambit
Gambit allows import of a ASCII file with xyz coordinates of the points. A flag can be specified to directly convert these points into vertex, edge and faces. The data file should be in free format as follows:

m n ( where m is the number of vertices in a row and n is number of row)this should be the first line

x1 y1 z1

x2 y2 z2



xl yl zl

The command to be used is: import iceminput "filename" vertex edge surface ( will create vertices, edge and surface)

import iceminput "filename" surface ( only surface is created i.e intermediate vertices will be deleted)

Note that this is not supported through GUI at the moment, so this command should be typed in command window or run in a journal file.

Another option for importing datapoints into vertices alone is

import vertexdata "filename". The file format should be similiar to above with first row removed.

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