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John McGrath January 25, 2000 17:39

733 MHZ machines
Does anyone have experience with FLUENT 5.0 on a 733 MHz machine? How does it compare to slower machines (eg 400MHz machines)?

Jonas Larsson January 26, 2000 04:50

Re: 733 MHZ machines
I have not tested a 733 machine. However, a few months ago I benchmarked a PIII 350, a PIII 400 and a PIII 500 running Fluent on Linux. They were all Dell OptiPlex boxes. The performance scaled almost linearly with the clock frequency. A Xeon 500 (Dell Precision, 1 meg cache) is almost exactly as fast as the PIII 500 btw.

If you buy a 733 today you should probably buy an AMD Athlon - they have better floating point performance than the latest Pentiums. AMD recently released the 800 MHz Athlon.

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