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Prateep Chatterjee January 31, 2000 18:00

Real Time Step
Hi !

I have two queries about time steps in FLUENT 5.3 :

1. Does FLUENT do a real time simulation ? i.e. can I get a real time output if I want to capture say what's happening at 1/10000 of a second ?

2. Is it possible to change time steps in FLUENT ? i.e. can I reduce the time step or will FLUENT just go by the CFL criteria ?


Burley Wang January 31, 2000 22:36

Re: Real Time Step
1. I think it does, I 've used time step of 1e-8 sec. to simulate the capillary effect under the magnitude of micronmetre.

2. It is possible also, as long as the solution goes divergently.

I'm a newer, but hope these helps

Good luck


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