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Kai Kang February 1, 2000 16:10

Fluent/Gambit export to CAD
Does anyone know how to export the geometry information backwards from Fluent or Gambit to CAD systems, such like AutoCAD?

Detlef Schulze February 2, 2000 04:53

Re: Fluent/Gambit export to CAD
Since GAMBIT is based on the ACIS-format which, I was told, is used by most CAD-System you should be able to export an ACIS-File which is then read by your CAD-Programm.

I hope this helps.


Scott Gilmore February 2, 2000 23:03

Re: Fluent/Gambit export to CAD
Correct, both Gambit and AutoCAD are based on the ACIS geometry kernel. You can export an ACIS file from Gambit and import that into AutoCAD.

Gualtiero Guadagni April 17, 2000 12:41

Re: Fluent/Gambit export to CAD
That is correct, but someone know how to export from Gambit to Pro/E?

Scott Gilmore April 17, 2000 14:08

Re: Fluent/Gambit export to CAD
Gambit 1.3, to be released in May, will have export of geometry in STEP, IGES, and Parasolid formats. STEP will be the best choice for Pro/E, as it supports solid models and is supported by Pro/E V20 and higher at no additional cost.

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