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Glenn Price February 2, 2000 14:40

Generation of elliptical geometry
Is there a simple way to generate an elliptical geometry in GAMBIT. The only way I can think of is to generate it in pieces and join them together. Is there a more elegant approach?

Paal Chr. February 2, 2000 15:37

Re: Generation of elliptical geometry
What do you mean with elliptical geometry?

An elliptic cylinder can be made by "create real cylinder" with different r1 & r2.

An elliptic cone can be made by "create real frustum" with r1 = 0 and the appropriate r2 & r3's.

An elliptic paraboloid can be made by first making a "real elliptical arc" with an angle of 90 degrees, and then revolve this edge to a face.

I hope I have understood you correct. PC.

Glenn Price February 2, 2000 17:35

Re: Generation of elliptical geometry
Sorry, I should have been more specific.

I mean an ellipsoid, x^2/a^2 + y^2/2 + z^2/2 == 1

Paal Chr. February 3, 2000 04:07

Re: Generation of elliptical geometry
With this equation you actually have an ellipsoid of revolution around the x-axis. Then you can simplify your problem to the problem of revolving the ellipse given by x^2/a^2 + y^2/2 = 1. From this equation you find three points, for instant for maximum x, minimum x and maximum y for the chosen a. From these three points you can easily construct an elliptic arc. By revolving this arc 360 degrees around the x-axis you have obtained your ellipsoid.

Regards PC.

Kai Kang February 3, 2000 10:19

Re: Generation of elliptical geometry
Another way is to create a centered sphere with radius 1, and scale it in x, y, z direction to get the elliptical geometry

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