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Roman February 4, 2000 04:16

particle trajectories

I calculate the trajectories of ash in a boiler. To present my results it is very important to show were the particles hit the walls.

How can I display a contour of the area the particle hit the walls?

All particleswhich are hitting a wall are trapped there.

Thanx roman

Volker Pawlik February 7, 2000 10:41

Re: particle trajectories
Hi Roman,

you must first define a flow rate for the injection (default is 0). Then you should be able to postprocess the DPM concentration on the wall. This should be enough to indicate where the particles hit the wall.

Alfredo Iranzo March 7, 2000 13:59

Re: particle trajectories
I think you should create a surface where you want to show the particles. Then, in the Report, Discrete Phase menu, choose Sample. You have to choose the injectios you want to track, and the surface you have crated. It results in an alphanumeric result, which have the coordinates, velocities, temperatures... of all the particles which have hit the wall. Then you can display the results with tecplot or any other one.

Roman March 8, 2000 03:49

Re: particle trajectories

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