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Marko February 8, 2000 07:25

Energy sources

I have big box and i want to define energy source box inside the big box :).... I think that i must define fluid into the source box inside gambit but when I export the mesh from the gambit and read it to Fluent, gambit have defined walls to the energy source box. How I define those extra boundaries when gas flow through the energy source box???

Thank you!

Volker Pawlik February 10, 2000 08:42

Re: Energy sources

you should be able to change the wall into an interior bc, if the two fluid zones are connected. Otherwise you might try non-conformal interfaces to get one domain of two.

You also can separate fluid zones in fluent by the adapt region method. Have a look to the User's Guide on how to perform.

Marko February 16, 2000 04:12

Re: Energy sources


I have made a mistake :) Everything is ok! If I define new fluid and export mesh to fluent its ok if fluent define new wall for that fluid. Sorry


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