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chris February 9, 2000 18:00

Meshing in Gambit
I have a periodic geometry (rotational) with 60 deg. Now I need to mesh the whole entity (=6x60). I thought about some ways but do not know which one is the best and fastest. I see the problem, that if I mesh the "first" volume and then copy/rotational 5x, there are only 5 additional volumes but no meshes. Moreover: the 5 additional volumes are not connected, I do not see if links still exist and if I create surface-meshes I do not know if there are one or two meshes on the periodic-surfaces. Is it possible to copy only the mesh 5x and then merge the nodes at the periodic-planes (like tgrid)? or how would you mesh the whole geometry ? Thanks a lot

Scott Gilmore February 9, 2000 21:32

Re: Meshing in Gambit

When you copy volumes in Gambit, there is an option (a checkbox at the bottom of the form) to also copy the mesh. You will have duplicate meshes at the shared interfaces which will have to be fused in TGrid or Fluent5. Alternatively, you can connect the duplicate faces, but this will currently remove the meshes and you will have to remesh.

The fastest approach is probably to use TGrid to copy and rotate the mesh, then fuse the duplicate faces in either TGrid or Fluent5.

Regards, Scott

chris February 10, 2000 18:19

Re: Meshing in Gambit
Thanks, perhaps merging of nodes and connecting/deleting of double surface-meshes would be an idea for the future. chris

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