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Steve Aboagye February 10, 2000 13:34

Transient Simulations with FIDAP
I am having a hard time with an aspect of the above subject. I am simulating a transient process that is memory intensive, and so I have decided to use a piecewise procedure, that is using a limited number of time steps per run and then continuing from the last time step for the subsequent runs until I attain steady state. FIPREP manual prescribes using the Restart mode of execution and then specifying the last time step and also specifying a restart data file which is the FDPOST of the previous run.

The problem is after all these, while I expect my simulation to continue from the last time step (say i=1000 then i+1 =1001 ) it restarts from i=1 and not i=1000 so it repeats what has already been done.

This fairly easy in FLUENT because FLUENT picks up from where it left off. (I have to use FIDAP and not FLUENT.)

Could a fellow out there help out if you know how do solve this?

Eric Grald February 16, 2000 13:59

Re: Transient Simulations with FIDAP
Hi, Steve,

I'm going to email you a copy of the training notes file that covers this topic.

The key question is whether you are using the "execution restart" or the "read restart". There is a checklist for each of these items on pages 4-16 and 4-18, respectively, in the Powerpoint file I will send you.

If you're still having trouble, may I suggest that you access our tech support system directly (i.e., via your designated support engineer if you are an industrial user, or via if you are a university user).



Ahmed Hassaneen February 21, 2000 11:55

Re: Transient Simulations with FIDAP
Hi Eric, You always there to help FIDAP users. I think Steve is doing what I have done before. For him to solve this problem he should use (EXCUTION (RESTART)) instead of (EXCUTION(NEW JOB)) and READ command later. In this case, FIDAP will read from the last time step in the previous run automatically. If he wants to use (EXCUTION(NEW JOB)) and READ then he should specify the time step at which FIDAP will RESTART. Goodluck for you Steve and thanks Eric for your help to every FIDAP user. =Ahmed=

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