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Arturo Ortiz February 16, 2000 12:19

Fluent on NT or Linux
Hi, I am in the process of selecting a platform for Fluent. My possibilities are NT or Linux, but I am not sure which one is better. I'll thank any comments regarding this subject. Regards

Aaron J. Bird February 17, 2000 12:19

Re: Fluent on NT or Linux
I would suggest Linux since its basically free. You will also have the ability to go parallel much easier if you are able to get several boxes. And consider that you can get a gnu fortran for it too. HOWEVER, Linux isn't supported like microsoft products so if you have problems with it, then more than likely you're stuck with them. On the other hand- will also have a lot less stuff going on with Linux, so your ram isn't going to get sucked up like it does with nt... or 2000 if you're considering going that route. Linux is solid. We're using it for a raid storage, and I just learned yesterday that we're finally going to construct the cluster we've been talking about for some time now, so I'm happy about that... :)

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