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Elizabeth February 22, 2000 08:49

aerofoils & waves
Simulating aerofoils in ground effect. How do I simulate the wavy water surface?

Park Geun Hong February 24, 2000 05:09

Re: aerofoils & waves
Hi! I'm studying ground effect with Fluent, too I use moving boundary option, and I think there are no methods present wavy water in Fluent. I heard next version of Fluent contains that you want.

Detlef Schulze February 24, 2000 05:11

Re: aerofoils & waves
Dear Elizabeth, I might misunderstand your question, but why don't you just create a wavy surface by using sinusoidal cross-sections. You can read-in point-data-sets into GAMBIT, connect these to form splines and then use these splines to generate a surface. If the waves are small they might be approximated sine/cosine functions. Or do you actually want to resolve the interaction between the airfoil and the water surface? In that case you must use the VoF model within Fluent. However, the point is how to create a wavy surface then. In that case you could simply place another airfoil in the water-phase but very close to the free surface. If your mesh is fine enough and if your water flow velocity is high enough some waves will be generated.

I hope my comments are giving you some hints.

Good luck Detlef

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