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Ray February 22, 2000 13:05

Surface Tension Gradient of VOF model
Hi! There,

Does anyone know whether the VOF model of Fluent takes account of the variation of surface tension gradient with temperature?

If not, could you forward me some suggestion?

Thank you very much.


Burley Wang February 22, 2000 22:45

Re: Surface Tension Gradient of VOF model
Fluent may not provide the funtion, I also met the problem:

1. When you enable the surface tension in the VOF panel, you need to specity the coeffient by yourself.

2. when you use some other fluid (e.g for liquid-air interface), the coeffiecient doesnot change, it idicates that you cannot change the the coefficient as the property of a certain material (however, it may impossible for it involves more than one materail)

3. I also took a look at the UDF reference, it seems Fluent doesnot provide solution of your question.

hope this helpful, good luck!




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