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Shengping LUO February 23, 2000 15:12

About the boundary condition of a fan
Dear all,

I am doing a numerical simulation of ventilation in a closed cabin, i.e., there is no inlet and outlet, the ventilation source is one or two axial fans. I'd like to know how can I specify the boundary condition for the fans, is it enough to give just the fan profile (pressure head vs. flowrate)? If the internal flow is turbulent(max. velocity ~0.5m/s), should I give also the turbulent intensity and length scale as boundary condition? And if yes, how can I determine them because the fan provider gives only the fan charactristic profile (pressure head vs. flowrate)? Which of the turbulence model in FLUENT is the most suitable if there are also some obstacles(electronic instruments) in the cabin? I will first run this simulation in isothermal case but then I should consider also the heat transfer in the cabin(from electronic instruments). Is there any one who has done some simulation of ventilation fans? Any suggestion and information are appreciated and thank you for your kind help in advance. If it's convient to you, please give me a copy of your post to my email address also, thank you! Regards!

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