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KIAN February 25, 2000 06:57

Low Ren Number
For low Reynolds number modelling which model is most suitable? Or that I have to do some post-processing. I have come across some articles saying that k-e model is still mostly commonly used, but there are disagreement with the data. Have the same problem with my computation data that doesn't agree with my experiment data.

Currently, I am using the standard k-e with layer zone for near wall. and my grid spacing is at 0.07 in a 4.6 x 3 room. having the inlet velocity of 0.4m/s.

araujo February 29, 2000 06:54

Re: Low Ren Number
Fluent offers the low-Re-Model as wall function hidden in the text menu - you have to type: >define...>models...>viscous...>...then you see low-re-model, which will appear after that in your graphical menu. Maybe it is that what you want or need....

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