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Chris February 25, 2000 11:45

Unrepenting surface
I am currently modeling the flow around a combustion can of an aircraft engine. I have created a solid model of the can in Gambit. Using boolean operations I subtracted the can from a predefined volume to obtain the "air"-part. Problem is that although Gambit is quite happy with the newly formed air-volume there are surfaces that do not look very healthy, what I mean is that the surface has the shape of a "T" in the xy-plane (x from left to right) with the horizontal part of the "T" having zero thickness in the y-direction. In other words some edges lie on top of each other. I have tried to heal the volume but the surfaces are "unrepenting". Any other actions on edges and surfaces alone is greeted with the response that I should not mess around with things that are part of a volume (Gambit gives an error message).

What to do?

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