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Roman February 26, 2000 08:35

Limitations of the DPM
Hi everybody,

I would like to track some inert ash particles through a freeboard of an FBC. I would like to use particles of different sizes (30; 5 and 0,6 micros). My problem is now that the results for all the particles are the same. Concerning the measurements in the boiler, that is not a realistic result. Has the DPM any limitation according the particle sizes? In the documentation this point is not mentioned.

rgds roman

tang xin March 9, 2000 03:31

Re: Limitations of the DPM
Hi Roman: I think you should choose perhaps different scattering coefficient for different size distribution.

Roman March 9, 2000 03:38

Re: Limitations of the DPM
Hi! Thanks for the answer.

Excuse me please, I think I didn't display my problem clearly. The results I want to achieve is that I track the particles and see where they hit the walls. And in this case the results for the different particle sizes are the same. The small particles hit the walls instead of following the flow. That's my problem.

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