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shery February 28, 2000 13:05

I'm trying to mesh a geometry but I'm getting this message: check the skewnesses of you fasce meshes and make sure the face mesh sizes are not too large in areas of small gaps.

I checked the skewness and it's low enough. my problem is very similar to Andrew's and I tried all the suggestions that you guys gave him but it didn't work for me. thanks

Sandeep Abhyankar February 28, 2000 18:06

Re: gambit
Hi there, I have had the same problem before while meshing certain geometries using tet-mesh. Although the skewness of the face meshes looked ok, during volume mesh generation, certain faces created had a high skewness, which caused this error to occur. I decomposed my volumes further and tried re meshing them and was lucky. You might want to try that. Unfortunately in gambit there is really very little control on vol mesh generation when you are using a tet-mesh.

shery March 1, 2000 14:28

Re: gambit
thanks Sandeep for your response,but what do you mean by decomposing the volume ?Do you mean separate volume into several faces or decompose the volume into several volumes? thanks again

Sandeep Abhyankar March 1, 2000 14:33

Re: gambit
By decomposing the volumes, I meant splitting your original big volume into smaller volumes. I guess this way you can have a better control on the tet mesh sizes in the narrow gaps and hopefully that would get rid of the skewness of the "internal" faces generated during volume mesh creation.

Scott Gilmore March 13, 2000 00:04

Re: gambit
Shery, your problem is most likely that you have small gaps where the local surface mesh sizes are much larger than the gap sizes. Refining the surface meshes in those areas is likely to solve the problem.

shery March 13, 2000 11:03

Re: gambit
thanks Scott and Sandeep for your suggestions,the problem that I have now is in fluent.I was able to mesh the geometry by changing some of the defaults, but now in fluent when I check the mesh it fails. do you have any idea why? thanks,shery

Scott Gilmore March 13, 2000 11:13

Re: gambit
Shery, it is not possible to know what is causing the problem without seeing the mesh file. Please contact your local Fluent office. I'm sure they'll be able to help.

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