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Nicola Bundschuh March 2, 2000 09:08

CFD-Simulation of a bubbly flow
Hi all, I am working with effervescent atomizers, means there is a flow in a conentric tube, outside oil, inside pressured air, and near the exit orifice the air enters into the oil and forms a bubbly flow which passes through the exit orifice. By exiting the airbubbles are exploding and producing a fine spray. Has anybody an idea if it is possible to calculate the mixing and the two phase flow and also the resulting Spray with Fluent? Or is there a code with a population theory for this problem?

I. Jameel, Ph.D. March 6, 2000 23:06

Re: CFD-Simulation of a bubbly flow
Please check with Dr. Jim Bugg at the U of Saskatchewan. He did his Ph.D. on the ejection of bubles from a large orifice into a submerged tank. This was ~10yrs ago. The code used was a Los-Alamos code SOLA-VOF where the VOF technique was pioneered. Now ther is a commercial version of this code called FLOW-3D. I would recommend you check with Dr. Hirt on the FLOW-3D code.

Cheers, MIJ

Nicola Bundschuh March 8, 2000 06:21

Re: CFD-Simulation of a bubbly flow
Dear all, in the firm I am working only fluent is used. Are there some experiences in simulating a bubbly flow with high velocity by using fluent? I will do it in 2-D, but 3-D would be better.

Thanks, Nicola

David Schmidt March 31, 2000 17:52

Re: CFD-Simulation of a bubbly flow

I tried using the Real Gas capability of Fluent to define an equation of state that describes bubbly flow. However, I could not get it to be stable with the exit boundary conditions for a nozzle calculation. As you know, bubbly flows have a very low speed of sound requiring trans-sonic numerics in the BC.

Good luck, David

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