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LW March 3, 2000 10:30

Convergency of a DPM+PDF+DO model
Hi, All: I am having difficulties in converging a model (similar but not exact to coal combustion). The model inclode a single fuel stream PDF, coupled with single injection DPM, and DO radiation. The model is a 3d about 300K cells. I was able to converge the flow easily, but having trouble to converge the full model in last two weeks. I am running Fluent 5.3 on a Dell (1GB mem. and two processors) and found some problems in using parallel solver - the DPM track=0). I wonder if some one has had more experience in converging a similar model and have an idea how long will it take to converge? Thanks!

Amadou Sowe March 3, 2000 11:10

Re: Convergency of a DPM+PDF+DO model
With regards to the DO model, I had some convergence problems with it last week. My results improved by increasing the theta and phi divisions to 4 instead of two, and the theta and phi pixcels to two instead of 1.

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