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christof March 8, 2000 17:36

volumes in gambit

I have a lot of problems with generating volumes in gambit. If I create the volumes from surfaces I get sometimes a lot of additional vertices at the edges and some surfaces cannot be meshed anymore, so the volume cannot be meshed. Meshing the connected surfaces before creating the volume is possible and works well. I use the surface-types: mesh-surface and "surface by 4 edges". Any ideas what can be done and what the reason for this behaviour is ? Thanks a lot christof

Shyam Kishor March 9, 2000 18:03

Re: volumes in gambit
Though case specific, this seems like am ACIS bug where it fails to identify the correct topology. In some cases, presence of duplicate entities(faces) or complex surfaces leads to this behaviour.

The workaround is to heal the real volume or stich a virtual volume.

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