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Greg Perkins March 10, 2000 21:35

UDF: Checking Thread Storage
Does anybody know which thread storage macros to call to check if variables are available for access within a UDF??

I'm writing a UDF which uses the macros C_U, C_V, C_W, C_U_G, C_V_G, C_W_G, C_H and C_H_G. When I start a new solution I often get a floating point exception which I suspect is because some of these variables are not yet available or haven't been properly calculated.

In this case I've attempted to use THREAD_STORAGE and T_STORAGE_R to check but this doesn't seem to work using code similar to

if (NULL != THREAD_STORAGE(t,SV_U_G) ) ....

Does anybody actually know which macros to use for which variables???

Please explain re

THREAD_STORAGE T_STORAGE_R T_STORGE_R_NV (and any others you know about in the mem.h file)



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