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Tomasz Ochrymiuk March 13, 2000 08:18

gambit icem conversion
How to convert mesh created in gambit to standard icem output (boco_info topo_info domain.1 ... domain.n )

I'll thank any comments regarding this subject.


Tomasz Ochrymiuk

David Minns March 13, 2000 11:12

Re: gambit icem conversion

It`s possible with ICEM CFD v4.0.X to convert a Fluent MSH file into an ICEM domain file but this is an unstructured format and therefore doesn`t know about each block. Is it important to have an ICEM CFD multiblock model ?

May I also ask the reason for doing this ? Do you want this to write the mesh out for another solver ? If so then the above unstructured method may work.

To do this you will need the latest build of ICEM CFD, but if you have this then it may be alot quicker to build your meshes in TETRA or HEXA anyway, then they can be written out to the 100+ solvers supported.



Tomasz Ochrymiuk March 14, 2000 04:02

reason of gambit icem conversion

thanks for suggestion, but I need conversion directly from gambit to icem standard output. I make calculation by using the same grid in fluent and other cod (SPARC from Karlsruhe Uni). The problem is that I don't have Icem Cfd. Before Gambit I used Geomesh, but now in Fluent package Geomesh is absent.



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