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Volker Pawlik March 16, 2000 06:10

IBM and Fluent
Hello Fluent Users on IBM,

Hello Althea,

does s.o. already use aix 4.3.3. maintenance level 02? It is because with level 02 the hanging up problem which appeared after trying to exit is there again. The bug was fixed with the use of aix4.3.3. maintenance level 00.

The segmentation violation happens due to the impossibilty of closing more than one open graphic window under OpneGL. With X11 it works.

Maybe s.o. has already a better workaround than to use X11?


Althea March 16, 2000 08:33

Re: IBM and Fluent
Hello Volker,

I haven't come across that one yet, but I will keep a look out for it. We have a tempoarary systems support crisis at the moment so nothing is changing or being updated here. Please let me know if you find a workaround in the meantime.

Regards Althea

Volker Pawlik April 28, 2000 07:30

Re: IBM and Fluent
The problem is now solved by IBM:

one has to install or have installed the following file sets:

(about 11 MB)

That helps.


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