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Ricky Wong March 24, 2000 11:26

Fluent 5.2.3 autosave?
Does anyone know why when using the autosave fluent sometimes writes the cas and dat files in my home directory with a different filename (usually gambit) to the one I specify to it. I've tried giving it the full pathnames, saving files before I activate the autosave, but I still get some of the files writing with the correct names in the correct places and other times it sticking them in the home directory with a different name. Is this a bug or is there a specific thing you need to do with the autosave to make it work everytime?



Sandeep Abhyankar March 24, 2000 16:36

Re: Fluent 5.2.3 autosave?
I use autosave all the time with fluent5.2.3 and it hasnt given me any problems so far as far as putting the files in the "right directory" is concerned. AS far as the file names are concerned, it attaches a number at the end of the data-file name. (by the way who do you need to save the case files again and again ??)

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