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frederic March 31, 2000 07:35

UDF using c_face_loop(c,t,i)
Hi all,

I wrote an udf to calculate the fouling deposition on a wall. In the udf I need to find the cells in contact with the appropriate wall and extract the wall temperature. I have already created a udf but a compiled error is still there. I sent the udf to fluent and they were able to compile it without any problem. The error occur for this line


I would like to know if somebody already used that kind of logic to get a wall temperature and can help me.

To add a comment on previous chat about udf, a udf topic would be very appreciate. I now than there is a udf database in construction at fluent but it is an internal system. Creating that kind of system will provide much more information and help everybody (users and fluent staff)

Thank for your help


Jonas Larsson March 31, 2000 09:17

Re: UDF using c_face_loop(c,t,i)
I can't help you with the UDF problem, sorry. About the UDF repository - I'm working on a database-backed system to share this kind of data, with a user-friendly web-interface. In the mean time I have opened an FTP site here at CFD Online where users can share their UDF's. So far the interest has been small though - only one UDF has been uploaded. I'm hesitant if there are enough users to get this kind of UDF service going. If you want to help the service get going please take the time to share some of your UDF's by uploading them to:

If you upload a file there please drop me a short email also telling me what it is.

Uploaded and reviewed UDFs can be found in:

Not only UDF files are welcome - please feel free to share journal files, benchmarks, scheme scripts, material database etc. if you want.

Greg Perkins April 1, 2000 22:42

Re: UDF using c_face_loop(c,t,i)
I've been able to compile and run this macro on a HP-UX unix system.

I think it loops over all faces of the cell. This appears to work, but when I then tried to extract the ith face to use to find out face information such as mass flux or enthalpy I got strange results. For example the same face was returned twice for a cell when calling C_FACE.

The code I used looked like this :

real source;

face_t f;

int n;

source = 0.0;



f = C_FACE(c,t,n);

source += F_H(f,t); {or someother parameter }


return source;

Greg January 17, 2017 00:17

Hi frederic,
Plaese upload the program for fouling deposition on the wall T
hank you

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