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Ricky Wong April 3, 2000 11:43

Bounding frames increments

Does anbody know how (if possible) you can change the axes major and minor intervals on a bounding frame when your composing a scene!... if anyone knows if its possible a swift posting would be appreciated as I need it for a seminar the post-graduates are running on Friday 7th March.


Chris April 5, 2000 14:08

Re: Bounding frames increments
Try playing with these variables:

;; outline and ticks

(ticks/color/background "dark grey" string)

(ticks/color/major "white" string)

(ticks/color/minor "gray" string)

(ticks/major/weight 1 real)

(ticks/major/npts 5 integer)

(ticks/minor/weight 1 real)

(ticks/minor/size 0.01 real)

(ticks/major/size 0.02 real) by using the cxsetvar function, eg:

(cxsetvar 'ticks/major/npts 8)

(cxsetvar 'ticks/minor/size .005) then redisplay the scene.

Ricky Wong April 5, 2000 15:40

Re: Bounding frames increments
Thanks Chris, but I don't know how to set those variables? I've been through the text interface menus and I can't find them. Could you tell me how to set them please?

Thanks again


Chris April 6, 2000 08:55

Re: Bounding frames increments
The last two lines I posted were examples of how to set them. For example, to set the number of major divisions to 8 you would type the following line into the text input area:

(cxsetvar 'ticks/major/npts 8)

Then you would click on the Display button on Bounding Frame dialog box (accessed via the Frame Options... button on the Scene panel) to see what effect it has.

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