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abourjeily April 11, 2000 09:11

condensation modelisation
I would like to know if it is possible and how to simulate the condensation phenomena in a volume subjected to a vapor injection using FLUENT. Are the mass and wall condensation well predicted ? Thanks for your replays and advices.

Madhavan June 28, 2000 12:21

Re: condensation modelisation
Hi, If the secondary phase volume fraction is injected then i think u might have to use eulerian-dispersed model. Or else if the vapor volume fraction is appreciable then it would be better to use eulerian-eulerian fluid model. I think this model works pretty good. Lastly, u can try VOF if vapor volume fraction is very high or if you want to track the interface.


abourjeily June 29, 2000 04:17

Re: condensation modelisation
thanks for your advice. is it easy to simulate condensation phenomena with fluent ? Does Fluent provide specific tools to simulate condensation or the user has to progam the phase changement and the transport of vapor via user subroutine ? thanks for your replay.

Madhavan June 29, 2000 08:56

Re: condensation modelisation
Hi, If you are using Eulerian-Eulerian fluid model then you don't have to make any changes in the subroutine. Refer to the tutorial problem (boiling water in a container). I think the same procedure should be good enough for modeling condensation. There are two models (evaporation and condensation) available. depending on the temperatures (T<Tsat, T>Tsat) you specify i think it will choose either evaporation or condensation. I think u proceed with this as a start point and hope u will explore more in future.


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