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Burley April 16, 2000 21:21

plot time-
Fluent's Online help says that "You can also use the XY-plot facility to plot out the residual histories of variables, or the time histories if you have a transient problem. "

but I cannot perform this function when I wanna to plot the temperature change v.s. time marching, actually, I could not find the which parameter should be choosen in the "Plot-XY Plot" there is no an option in both Y-Axis function and X-axis function.

any suggestions would be great appreciated, Thanx a lot


Burley April 17, 2000 06:33

Re: plot time-
I found it in tutourial 12, which gives out an example. I try it before.

if It cost yout time, I apologize for that.


Ram April 19, 2000 00:04

Re: plot time-
Dear Mr.Burley

Could you please tell us clearly how you were able to generate that plot? This might be useful for users like me.

Burley April 19, 2000 00:21

Re: plot time-
for the transient problem: 1. define the point at the "surface/point..." or "surface/iso-suface..." to define the point or surface you wanna monitor (give it a easy-to-read name)

2. at "solve/monitors/surface...", open the surface monior window. according to your problem choose the number of the monitors. press the button named "define..." to enter the define suface monitor window, choose the surface of your interests, be careful to choose the X-Axis (flow-time is the popular, I think),give the file name and monitor name. then press OK to go back surface monior window, here you need to check /uncheck those boxes if you wanna see the fligure during calculation, they are easy to understand. remember to give a easy-to-read name, press OK

3. go through you calculation 4. you can draw the .out file via "plot/file..."

good luck


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