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Wason April 19, 2000 08:51

Meshing airfoil
Hi,Dear All

I am using FLUENT5 to simulate the unsteady flow of 2D airfoil & 3DWing,but I meet a problem when I model 2D airfoil mesh, I don't know how to control the mesh density near the wall by using structure mesh(quad Map method). Is it possible for Gambit to model structure mesh? and How? I don't know why I could not transfer boundary layer generated by Gambit to Fluent 5? Is there any technique?

Thank you in advance! If it is possilbe, Please give me a copy via email when you responce. Thanks

yin jaafar April 19, 2000 21:33

Re: Meshing airfoil
hi! if i'm not mistaken, fluent 5 only accepts unstructured mesh, but then, check again.

Wason April 19, 2000 22:06

Re: Meshing airfoil
Thanks for your response, Gambit can creat a mapped mesh. and it can be transfered to Fluent5. But I don't know how to generate a suitable mesh around airfoil, especially near the wall. I have tried to divide the computational domain into three blocks, and then mesh them resepectively with quad map method.The edges except airfoil wall and far wall were set as interior boundary condition ,However, when I use this mesh in Fluent5 to solve (Mach=0.6/AOA=0) a problem, I could not get a resonable result(Vmax exceed 400m/s), was wrong with me?

Thanks Wason

Balaji Vasudevan April 25, 2000 21:01

Re: Meshing airfoil
I think that you can create boundary layers attached to the aerofoil wall and extending to a suitable distance. This will take care of the mesh density near the wall.

- Balaji

Wason April 25, 2000 21:48

Re: Meshing airfoil
Thank you for your response, Yes, I have tried to create boundary layers attached to the aerofoil wall and extending to a suitable distance. But I don't know why I couldn't transfer the boundary layer mesh from Gambit(Version1.1) to Fluent,It only leaves the normality mesh. Could you tell me the process of meshing a airfoil with boundary layer?

Thanks a lot!


Aaron J. Bird April 26, 2000 16:05

Re: Meshing airfoil
I believe that the important things to keep in mind are the direction of your boundary layer, the depth, and the growth factor. The direction and depth you will know from working with the problem and having a feel for the grid resolution necessary to capture the boundary layer. The growth factor should not exceed 15%... like something between 1.01 and 1.15. You probably already know this, but you must mesh the boundary layer first before the rest of the mesh.

faudiS8 November 8, 2009 12:50

hi all
thanks for your attention
I wanna to create a structured grid around an slotte flp section with the limitation of 10000elements and the angle of flap of45 degrees. so I wanna know what's your idea?(also I work with Gambit)
My initial idea is to connect to parts together then mesh around like an airfoil then mesh inside idea again generated till know!(I'm sleeepy!):confused:

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