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Charlie Fischer April 19, 2000 11:24

Transient history post-processing in FIPOST
Hi everyone,

My knowledge of FIPOST is limited so I'm hoping that this problem is trivial.

I want to present/plot the thermal-history data for a transient run. This I can do for one node. However, it would be more useful to look at the history of a number of nodes on the same plot. Also, I'd like to be able to adjust the scales of the axis.

Anyone had the same problem? If not, does anyone know how to dump out ascii files of the time history for user-specified nodes?

Many thanks in advance, Charlie

Vitaliy Pavlyk April 20, 2000 10:45

Re: Transient history post-processing in FIPOST
in FIPOST main menu:

1) Go to ALL

2) Go to XYSET (down in ALL FIPOST COMMANDS window)

3) Set the desirable axis limits (XMAX, XMIN, YMAX, YMIN)

4) Go to ENVIRONMENT in FIPOST main menu press SUPERIMPOSE (it should be toggled to ON)

5) Go to PLOT in FIPOST main menu

6) Plot HYSTORY of a node 7) Plot HYSTORY of another node (and so on)

You will find the ASCII output in file identifier.FIOUT

Hope it helps. =Vitaliy=

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