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Ray May 3, 2000 09:34

Creating geometry & meshing using Gambit
Hi! there,

I am creating a very complex geometry using Gambit. When I tried to mesh it using "cooper" (to create the Hex/Wedge elements), Gambit told me that the volume could not be meshed.

Then, I decomposed the volume into several small volumes, but the Gambit told me that some volumes were probably damaged during splitting/substracting, and could not be meshed.

I read the documentations/examples of Gambit, but still could not solve the problem.

Could you help me how to create complex geometry and mesh it?

Thank you very much.


Aaron J. Bird May 3, 2000 16:15

Re: Creating geometry & meshing using Gambit
(1) try using the "Heal Volume" function

(2) or try rebuilding them again and using different decompositions

(3) maintain real geometry as long as possible, but if its no longer possible, and you find you have no other options, use virtual geometry and you'll probably have to mesh with tets...

(4) also consider using a more simplified model that will give good mesh instead of a more physically real geometry that will have poor mesh...

Shyam Kishor May 31, 2000 14:25

Re: Creating geometry & meshing using Gambit
Please send your model to your local Fluent Support Engineer and he should be able to guide you through the process.

kenneth August 1, 2000 03:30

Re: Creating geometry & meshing using Gambit

i am trying to create an CFD model of journal bearing in 3D.howver,i encounter problem of meshing the volume of lubricant situated between the bearing and journal.i am using fluent 5 as the solver for the application.

can u give me some advice to solve this problem??


regards kenneth

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