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Ricky Wong May 12, 2000 05:31

component flow direction fieldnames for boundary profiles required.
Hello, again

I'm trying to specify a arbitrary swirl profile on a jet pipe inlet (boundary type Pressure_inlet). Using a direction vector specification method with a local cylindrical co-ordinate system, the fields of Radial, Tangential and axial flow direction only allow me to input constant values. I want to be able to vary the tangential component (swirl) with the radial distance. I assume the way to do this is to write a boundary profile for the pressure inlet.

My question is what are the filenames I need to use to create profiles for these vector components. The only ones I can find are if I write profiles from fluent and look at the resulting profile file. The closest this gives are fieldnames for the component or relative component velocities! I only want the component flow directions.

Thanks again

p.s. Is there a complete list of all the fieldnames for which you can create profiles?

Chris May 12, 2000 10:36

Re: component flow direction fieldnames for boundary profiles required.
You can use any filenames and fieldnames you like for the profiles (subject to having only valid characters, no spaces, etc). You then read in the file using the File Read Profile... menu. When you visit the Set Boundary Conditions panel for the pressure-inlet zone, the profile fields will be available in the list of flow direction component specification types (the drop down lists that default to "constant").

So if you read in a profile file named "" with fields radial, axial, and tangential, then when you go to the Set Boundary Condition panel, the list of specification types will include "constant" as well as "radialin radial", "radialin axial", and "radialin tangential". Just select the right one for each of the components. There is no intrinsic meaning to the names, they are just names.

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