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Yong-Ju Hong May 14, 2000 10:13

Liquid fuel combustion
Does anyone have experience with liquid fuel combustion using finite rate formulation in Fluent5.1?

I have tried to set up liquid fuel combustion problem using discrete phase model and finite rate formulation. but I have floating point error at initialize in fluent5.1. I used kerosene-air mixture in materials

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Jin-Wook LEE May 16, 2000 05:48

Re: Liquid fuel combustion
Dear Mr. Hong

I think that your error is not related to the DPM SETUP, but related to the gas phase SETUP. Fluent initialize gas phase variables, not DPM variables. Please check your 'Gas Phase Problem Setup'. Problem setup for oil-droplet is not so difficult, so that good result should be yours in short future. Hoping good luck.

Sincerely, Jinwook

Yong-Ju Hong May 16, 2000 21:40

Re: Liquid fuel combustion
Thanks for your response.

Originally I use finite rate formulation + DPM with material properties using kinetic theory. That case I have floating point error at initialize in fluent5.1. But the problem does not appear in the case of not using kinetic theory.


Jin-Wook LEE May 17, 2000 04:27

Re: Liquid fuel combustion
Dear Mr. Hong

I do not think that kinetic theory for the calculation of material properties is so essential for your case. As you might know, laminar material proteries, such as viscosity, thermal conductivity and so on, are not so major contributed parameter for liquid fuel combustion because turbulent effect is predominat.

Sincerely, Jinwook

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