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Ulrich May 15, 2000 05:26

Cellnumbers in UDF's
Hi, I want to solve a differential equation. That's why I want to know the number of the cell, which Fluent solves in this time and the numbers of the neighbors. Is there a function like CELL_NUMBER(c,t) or CELL_NEIGHBORS(c,t) to get this information from Fluent? If I get the cellnumber(for instance 10), I would use C_CENTROID(x,c=10,t) to . Is this possible?

Thank's for help


Chris May 15, 2000 14:32

Re: Cellnumbers in UDF's
> Is there a function like CELL_NUMBER(c,t) or CELL_NEIGHBORS(c,t)?

There is no global number for a cell (in general). The index "c" and the zone "t" together identify a unique cell.

To access the neighbors, you can loop through the faces of a given cell and get the cell on the other side of each face.

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