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Hakeem May 15, 2000 15:51

Hi all,

I am asked to use Ployflow as a solver in my work. I would be much interested and pleased if anybody could offer me help in understanding it, as I need to obtain some preliminary results using it in one-month time. Many thanks ...


Thierry Marchal June 7, 2000 08:48


Sorry for not answering your request earlier.

Did you get some help through the regular tech support lines ? If not, please let me know more information about what you would like to solve and I'll send you the necessary information or would have someone to call you.

Best Regards,


Hakeem June 7, 2000 10:33

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your reply. First of all what do you mean by the regular tech support lines? Secondly, my problem is to calculate the forces (drag and lift) on a fixed sphere located in unbounded system of Newtonian fluid. Basically, I would be interested to know the following:

1) Is it possible for a Polyflow user to specify the velocity at the inlet as function of one dimension - just like Fluent, where user can specify the upstream velocity of the fluid in terms of x or y. 2) As you may aware, the drag and lift forces are calculated from integrating over the sphere surface, parallel and normal directions respectively. Is there anyway of doing these calculations.

One more thing, as I am Polyflow beginner I would like if you can send me information regarding the technical training and support that I can get or apply for. On other words, do Polyflow organised training events apart from those of your web site.

My university e-mail address is:

Thanks in advance for your collaboration.

Thierry Marchal June 7, 2000 10:48


Thank you for your message. It is certainly possible to specify velocity depending upon the coordinates in Polyflow. Most of the time across the inlet, we prefer to specify a flow rate and Polyflow automatically calcuates the velocity profile depending upon the slip along the wall and the rheological behavior of the material.

I have asked Laurent Fondin ( who is one of our technical support to contact you with more information about how to solve your problem as well as calendar training.

He should contact you very soon.

Please feel free to contact him directly if necessary.

Best Regards,


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