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Prateep Chatterjee April 25, 2000 15:24

Segmentation Fault
I had the following error message when I tried to run a case:

Error: fluent.5.3.18 received a fatal signal(SEGMENTATION VIOLATION). Error Object: #f

This is what I found from the Fluent User Services Center:

Description: This case runs in Fluent 5.2.3 without problems. However, in Fluent 5.3.18 returns error message regarding the memory use and bus error problems.

The problem is unrisolved. Does anybody have any suggestions ? My case has the following features:

* Multiple species * No radiation * Segregated solver (changed from Coupled) * Both triangular and quad cells (traingular in a single zone where the flame is expected to reside)

I dropped the data file and initialized again to start the case. It still didn't work.

fouzy May 29, 2000 10:47

Re: Segmentation Fault
Dear Prateep

I m also simulating reacting flow with multiple species models.

I have the same problem when i initialize my calculation.

I have used UDF to introduce density in my model. so when, i initialize i have the same message erro, what i do, i only switch first in the material panel the denstiy from user defined to incompressible ideal gas, i do two then initialize and i stop my calculation for two iterations. after i switch to user defined, i intialize and then the model runs.

It s also possible that the probleme is you don,t make right value for you initialization.

best regards

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