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karim May 31, 2000 12:32

cfd in biomedical area
Hi guys,

Is there anyone who worked in the area of biomedicine using CFD, I'm looking for bibliography (publications, books, thesis, benchmarks, results...etc).

Thanks a lot

Alfonso Ferrandez June 2, 2000 06:19

Re: cfd in biomedical area
Hi Karim,

I am a "BioFluid Dynamicist" if such a thing exists. I'm finishing up my PhD thesis on "brain blood flow CFD simulation". There are plenty of references you can find. I would recommend PubMed as an incredible source of information. I presume you have a clinical background, if you don't it's very desirable that you get a few physiology books to understand biological fluids (i.e. blood, CSF, etc).

Check out PubMed:

Hope this helps! AL

jkc June 14, 2000 00:30

Re: cfd in biomedical area
Check out publications by Kleinstreuer

Ming Lei

Sinjae Hyun

Jack Buchanan

Worth Longest

J. Archie

This research group does CFD investigations of blood flow in arteries/veins. One of their publication areas is this use of CFD to aid in vascular surgery

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