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Fabio June 1, 2000 07:23

compiling UDFs in NT
Hello All,

I am learning how to set up and use UDFs in a Windows NT system. I was able to write and use some codes and I could only work on the interpreted version. But I just can't compile any of my codes. Help on User's Manual seems to have little to do with the files I find in different versions.

In version 5.0 I simply can't find the files Makefile (executable) and makefile (source) that are declared to be in the path ..\Fluent.Inc\Fluent5.0\src\. Anyways I can't find them anywhere.

In Version 5.3.18 (and I state that the manual is the same!!!) the compiling logic is different. I CAN find a file called makefile (a source code) but I am not supposed to modify it. I should edit another file called user_nt.udf, in which I should set the name of the udf, the version (2d-2dd-3d-3dd) and parallelism. Everything (makefile-user_nt-udffilename.c) has to be in the same target directory. And then I have to run NMAKE. After having done all that, I get the message:

you need to define the environmental variable Fluent_Inc.

Well, after having done that... (i did it in user_nt) I simply get:

don't know how to make '..\..\src\udffilename.c'

So do I.

Thanks all

Eric OLMOS June 26, 2000 11:17

Re: compiling UDFs in NT
Hello! You can find a special manual on for fluent 5.2 where the way to compile udf on NT is described. It seems to work.

Good luck


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