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Balu June 6, 2000 02:33

Patching the solution

Could somebody tell me about patching the solution? I referred the online help in fluent but could not get clear idea about it. Thanks.

Brant Aggus June 6, 2000 11:18

Re: Patching the solution
"Patching" the solution is supplying an initial value for a given property that is different from the initial estimate for steady state. This is really useful for combustion reactions in that if you need a "spark" to light a flame, you can just patch a temperature value high enough for ignition into the cells, and it will ignite it. You initialize the solver first, then the patch option should become available in the menu. Ignition is the only thing I have used it for, though.

LW June 8, 2000 15:45

Re: Patching the solution
For unsteady state heating or cooling, you may be able to use patching to define initial temperature.

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