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Junhua Wu June 7, 2000 10:49

surface tension model in EX26
Hi, I am trying to understand the EXAMPLE 26 coming with FIDAP(EX26nr.FDREAD).

The surface tension model is : SURFACETENSION(CURVE=2) -10.0 10.0 ($CAPINV +10) ($CAPINV - 10)

From the manuals, I think the first two data(-10.0 10.0) is temperature, the last two data is surface tension coefficient. Is it correct?

However,the boudary conditions are assigned using BCNODE: BCNODE(TEMPERATURE, CONSTANT = -0.5, ENTITY="coldwall") BCNODE(TEMPERATURE, CONSTANT = 0.5, ENTITY ="HOTWALL")

I donot know the '-0.5','0.5', I think it should be the value of temperature. What is the unit for them? How the surface tension model used in this example. Is it contradicting with the temperature in surface tension model?

I am learning FIDAP, any suggestion is appreicated.


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