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Pierluigi Allegro June 13, 2000 04:35

Rotational periodic condition
Hi, I'm making a simulation of a 3d film-cooled turbine vane with fluent 5.2 and I am in trouble assigning the rotational periodic condition. The computational domain is constituded by the twisted vane ( in the middle we have the cooled blade ) limited on two sides by the mean surfaces which are twisted too! This is a problem becouse to applay the rotating periodic condition, fluent needs ( if I am not mistaken)a pair of surfaces that have a common axis but in my case these surfaces doesn't belong to a sheaf of planes ( a group of plane surfaces passing through an axis). Has somone solved a similar problem or can help me? Thanks, Pierluigi.

Jonas Larsson June 13, 2000 07:28

Re: Rotational periodic condition
As far as I know you don't need to have planes passing through the axis. You can use whichever periodic surfaces you want. What kind of error do you get?

Have you remembered to define the rotational axis of the fluid-domain to the x-axis? (this is a common misstake). Older versions of Fluent did this automatically but in the more recent versions you have to do it manually otherwise it wont work.

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