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M.A. Rakib June 13, 2000 08:28

UDF DPM injection
Hello, I am a UDF beginner, with little knowledge in C language. I want to define an injection which is injected at a position at time t=0. Does the following thing make any sense? Anyway it does not, because, it gives errors. Can somone help me out?

If any one has any small UDF for any DPM, can you please give an idea of that?

#include "udf.h" #include "dpm.h" #include "udfconfig.h" DEFINE_DPM_INJECTION_INIT(injection_initialization , /* function name */


/* Particles will be injected at time = 0 */

{ if (t==0) { P_INIT_DIAM(p)[1] =1e-06; P_INIT_MASS(p)[1]=0.0; P_INIT_DIAM(p)[2] = 1e-06; P_INIT_MASS(p)[2]=0.0;

} }

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