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Jack Keays June 16, 2000 11:21

Heal real faces command.
Hi guys,

I know, I know, I gotta stop asking questions! I am wondering what the "Heal real faces" command means. Also, do the convert real faces and real edges command actually convert virtual geometry to real geometry?? It would be great if they did!


Shyam Kishor June 19, 2000 17:12

Re: Heal real faces command.
Healing is designed to detect and fix accuracy problems of real (ACIS) geometry. In brief, it allows you to repair bad geometry. There are three main phases of Healing process a) Geometry Simplifications b) Stitching and c) Geometry building. Gambit 1.3 (soon to be released) also allows user interaction on its phases and their tolerances. Please check Gambit documentation and/or contact your Fluent Support Engineer for details.

Yes, Convert faces & edges commands allows you to convert non real(virtual/faceted) geometry to real. Moreover, it maintains existing mesh as well as topological connectivity. Face convert requires non real faces to have a mapped mesh on it. Gambit 1.3 also allows volume conversion. Again, please contact your Fluent Support Engineer for details.

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