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M.A. Rakib June 17, 2000 11:39

Hi! Any idea please!

(1)I have defined a zone or region in my flow domain, from where I want to inject some particles for a short period of time, and then I would like to stop the source. (2)In short I want to define a DPM injection source. (3)In the program that follows let me start with less no. of particles. If it works, I would increase the number of particles. I defined flow time to be integer, so that 2 particles would be released at t=1 and 2 particles at t=2. (4)For t>2, i.e. t=3,4,5...., there is no injection from the surface.

(5)I compiled the following as an interpreted udf. There is no compilation error, and the udf is defined successfully. (6)I next defined the injection as released from the said surface. This also done successfully.

(7)The problem comes next. When I go to display--> particle tracks---> release from injections, and click display, it starts DPM iterations with nothing on the display but then all of a sidden ends up with the following continuous message:

Error: CX_Insert_Pathlines : out of memory (particle 17500) Error: CX_Insert_Pathlines : out of memory (particle 17501) Error: CX_Insert_Pathlines : out of memory (particle 17502) Error: CX_Insert_Pathlines : out of memory (particle 17503) ....... .......

__________________________________________________ _________________ The program is as follows: #include "udf.h" #include "dpm.h"

DEFINE_DPM_SOURCE(injection_initialization,cell,th read,S,strength,p) { real source; int flow_time = RP_Get_Real("flow-time"); {

if (flow_time <= 2.0)

strength = 2.0;


strength = 0.0;

/*return strength ---> This statement is not going

to be used because the function does not return any value*/ } }

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