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Prateep Chatterjee June 19, 2000 12:55

Unsteady Background Job ?
I have been running Fluent jobs in the background (batch). The input file I have used has the form:

rc x.cas (reading the case file)

rd x.dat (reading the data file)

it 1000 (1000 iterations)

wd x1.dat (writing data)






This input file was for steady state cases. I'm trying to run unsteady cases now. Do I need to make any changes to the input file ? I don't see any indication of an unsteady case running, though the case has unsteady solver specifications and a time step setting. I need to run the jobs in the background and can't run them interactively (nice value is higher for interactive jobs on the SGI machine I run the cases).

lizheng July 13, 2000 13:57

Re: Unsteady Background Job ?

You should add another step to run unsteady in the backgroud.

For example, add solve/set/

solve/dt/ in your input file.

Good luck,


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