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prakash June 20, 2000 04:10

flow model
i want to perform underhood flow analysis of an automobile engine compartment using fluent..i would like to have your kind suggestions on how to proceed with the modelling aspects and flow analysis aspect...if u can take out some of ur precious time and give me some suggestions, i shall be very much thankful to u..



John C. Chien June 20, 2000 09:47

Re: flow model
(1). Simplify the big job by dividing it into several smaller jobs. (2). Extend the single process into multi-process, or phases. (3). Start with a very simple model, such as flow into a box, through a chamber, or a duct, and then modify it as needed. (4). So, the first step is to compute the flow through engine compartment with nothing in it. Then, you can put the fan in, followed by the radiator, and the engine. (5). If you don't have the geometry, just model it as a box first. In this way, you will get the essential mass conservation to work. (6). The pressure field will be a function of the flow area, thus a function of the geometry. But then, you can look at the geometry at a distant place to smooth out the details first. (7). In doing so, you will gain the confidence in yourself and the tools you are using. (8). Analysis requires the ability to model, thus the ability to simplify.

sameer mohrir August 25, 2000 06:29

Re: flow model
Hello John

can you let me know what are the benefits of flow-modeling.


sameer mohrir

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