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rakib June 23, 2000 14:43

k-e model
I had defined a volume for an energy source for a certain span of time. After that I will start the momentum source. I chose the k-e turbulence model. I did not define any turbulent energy source. However when I start the iterations for the initial span when there had been no momentum source, the results obviously show no velocity profiles, but a temperature profile which I had got earlier by choosing the laminar model is also absent. I checked the k and epsilon values and they were substantial. Is there any way to get rid of these k and e for the initial span also. No problem if ( and obviously they will) they come at t> the span for which there has been no velocity.

Also can you please explain how these k and e come when there had been no velocity at all. All through this span there had been only the energy source.

John C. Chien June 23, 2000 23:02

Re: k-e model
(1). If you set the initial tke (k) and epsilon levels to zero, then I guess, they will be zero at the begining. (2). Sometimes the code will give you the default values, if you did not specify the initial values. But then, it is kind of hard to figure out your situation from the message. (3). So, if you did not specify the initial values, then set it to zero and check the results.

rakib June 24, 2000 13:32

Re: k-e model
Thanks. I notice now that the problem is with the initialization

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