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Jack Keays June 27, 2000 12:12

Faces/ geometry.

I have a face in a model which consists of maybe 20 edges and is highly curved. I want to replace one of the edges of the face with 2 different edges. However when I delete the old face and recreate it using the old edges plus the two new replacement edges, the shape of the curve/face is different. The original face was imported as an ACIS file. Has anyone any idea how I can over come this problem? Thank you. Jack.

Oliver July 14, 2000 11:02

Re: Faces/ geometry.
Hi Jack

I pursume, you created the the geometry in Autocad/Solidworks/or Mechanical Desktop. If you are trying to create a curved surface, you should be using a spline, not a straight edges. 20 edges for a single face, results in a complex face to mesh.

My advice is draw the geometry (curved geometry), by a spline approxiamtion, this should be plenty good enough, until the number of edges curved or otherwise Regards is significantly reduced. Then export the sat file.

Regards Oliver

Jack Keays July 17, 2000 05:36

Re: Faces/ geometry.

Thanks Oliver, but I htink my problem is simply that the original geometric parameters which describe the shape of a curved face are lost if u delete that face. IN other words, if you delete a face in Gambit, leaving the edges, and if you then create the face from the same edge, u end up with a different shaped curve when you render the surface. ANy ideas?

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