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rakib June 28, 2000 01:36

Time Dependent Solutions.
I have a 3d geometry, and the temperature varying with time. For the solution, I requested each time step = 10 and no. of time steps = 30. After the solution, I tried to plot the temperature vs. time, but in the xy plot option I did not find any "time" option, so that I can plot against it. Where may I be wrong?

rakib June 28, 2000 01:43

Time Dependent Solutions.
For information, I had put on the write option by going to solution > monitor > surface > for every time step.

Eric OLMOS June 28, 2000 07:39

Re: Time Dependent Solutions.
Hello I think that you cannot plot the temperature vs tim in the xyplot menu. You have to write the data in a file (monitor-->surface, write) and then plot them, or if you do monitor-->surface and plot, you should have a window with T vs time

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