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Julien Szydlowski June 28, 2000 04:00

Windmill simulation
I need some help! I have to study performances of windmill with Fluent. The first step of this study is relatively simple: I only study the rotor which is composed of 2 blades (göttingen or naca) and an axis; parameters are: - velocity of the wind - angular velocity (tr/min) - turbulence of the upstream flow But I don't know how construct the corresponding grid with Gambit. Can I fix the angular velocity of the rotor and obtain the global drag and the torque in the axis of the rotor. If you have any idea or solution, don't hesitate to send it. Thanks for advance.

julien Szydlowski

wason July 3, 2000 10:31

Re: Windmill simulation
Dear julien Szydlowski,

How are you! I think the windmill simulation just like the simulation of fan, you may read the Fluent tutorial about Fan Simulation. Of course it is about the fluid field in a period passage. you can model your windmill periodically or wholly ,which is depended on your necessary.

yours Sincerely Wason July 3

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